AGM Slim Sealed Deep Cycle Dual Purpose Battery Solar 12V 170A

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NEW AGM SERIES 12vdc 170AH Sealed Rechargeable Battery

GREAT For Caravans Camper Trailer 4x4 and Marine Boats etc 

Slim Line Fit Housing Design to fit in tight spaces between seats on the side etc

Always Fresh Stock Reduced Price Promotion Limited Time / Stock 

This brand new fully charged 12 Volt 170AH battery dry cell charged sealed and maintenance free. 
Complete with connectors and plates AGM Sealed Battery SLA Dry Cell model 170-12
New Stock  consistently arriving , you can be assured that you are always receiving the latest stock.

This High Performance battery is designed to be used rimarily an AUXILIARY battery for fridges lights etc 
This battery  an be used as a CRANKING battery if required however please note that it is a DEEP CYCLE Battery.

The latest technology has gone into this battery and has been developedand engineered to meet the rigorous demands of Australian conditions 
Extra heavy duty construction from Heat robust vibration in 4wd's caravans and camper trailers.

Maintenance-Free, Non-Spillable - Latest technology guarantees safe operation without maintenance and ‘nonrestricted article’
( road use ) status for transportation.
mobile with carry handles.
Low Self Discharge
Superior shelf life which allows storage for extended periods of time

Used for:

- Solar system + Wind Power system
- Car Audio System 
- Emergency lighting equipment  
- Fire alarm and security systems 
- Telecommunication equipment  
- Electric equipment and telemeter equipment  
- Light equipment               
- Wireless lawn movers vacuum cleaner and washing machine 
- Toys and consumer electronics 
- Portable power tools measuring and medical equipment Portable video camera portable personal computer
- Car 4x4 Camper Trailer Caravan Camping Truck Bus RV etc.